Class control panel

Each class has its own control panel to provide you the capability to manage your daily operation and its challenges with ease.

The general rule: Buttons beside the “Class X” apply to the entire class whereas the button of the lesson applies specifically that one lesson.

Live class preview

Depending on your role, you may enter class as Teacher, Assistant or Supervisor.

Teacher- Access full presentation live class function

Assistant- Permission to control presentation

Supervisor – Able to monitor classes to ensure quality without interrupting class

Make up lessons

You can schedule additional classes through “Make up lesson” function.

Once you have created a make up lesson, you send invites from the list of students.

Please note that “Make up lesson” is not billable (no extra charge for your users).

Change teacher

It is not uncommon that some teachers may decide not to continue. You can assign new teacher to take over the class by selecting “Change teacher” on the class tab.

When a teacher is unable to teach a lesson, you can select “Add substitute teacher” to invite a teacher to assist in teaching that one lesson. An email invitation will be sent to that teacher with URL to attend that lesson.

Student list

Select student list to view all the students in your class.

You can access the student’s assessments, past attendances and other courses attended.

You can also “Add student” to join the class. An email will be sent to invite student to attend this class. Please note that the student will be required to pay pro-rated course fee.

It is easy to manage users who want to get a better feel of the class. You can offer them a free trail by selecting “Trial student”. An email invitation with sent with a onetime access link to that lesson.

Some lessons may fall on public holidays or vacation period. You can change the lessons schedule by selecting “Change time” and select new date and time.

Please note as always that any operations on the lesson affect THAT one lesson.

No matter how you change the time of lessons, the lessons are always in sequence i.e.:

If you move lesson 5 after lesson 6, your lesson 6 will now be lesson 5.

Alternatively, you can use the calendar to drag and drop your lesson to a new date and time.

With the calendar, you will be prompted in the change applies to one lesson or all weekly lessons.

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