Create a course (Select "Add course" from course manager)

Note: Course categories have to be created before you create the course. If this is the first course for the category, please go back to homepage and create the category.

Assign teachers

Certain subjects are taught by a few instructors. If you want to permit your users to select their preferred instructors, leave “Teacher” field empty. By leaving the “Teacher’s” field empty, the list of teachers with the match skillset will be listed with the course.

If you enter the teacher’s name(s) in this field, only the teacher(s) listed is(are) showed for that course.

Course price

If this course is offered at fixed price regardless who is teaching it, you need to enter the price.

If the price of the course is left empty, the price of the course will be based on the individual teacher (trainer) rate.

Course fee

You can select different payment terms, deposit and discount.

If you have selected “Beginning of the month” or “Pay every X lessons”, Aculearn will automatically generate payment invoice 7 days before the next payment.

If your payment method is interbank transfer or P2P, you will need to confirm receipt of payment before your users are allowed to continue their lessons.

Adding lessons

You will be prompted to enter the total number of lessons for the course. After which, you can enter the lessons description and upload the material (PowerPoint, YouTube link, Word etc) for each lesson. The lesson material uploaded here will be carried over to live class lesson folder.

Alternatively, you can enter total number of lessons and skip to “Publish”. In this case, Aculearn will list the lessons date and time.

When you click on “Publish”, you will be prompted to select “Publish” or “Publish and schedule”.

If the course is published and not schedule, this course will be “open” schedule which means that users are free to select their preferred teacher and time according to the respective teacher’s indicated free schedule (this is set in “User” menu from homepage).

If you schedule the course, the users will see the available classes as these classes are fixed by your schedule.

Publish and schedule

When the course is published, it will be listed “Enrol” tab of the “Course manager”. Your users will be able to view these course and request for classes.

If the course is temporary unavailable, you can click on “hide” so that the user will not be able to see this course in your webpage.

You can also click on “Share” to post this course to your Facebook page or send email invites to the users in your user list.

Once class is scheduled, the course will also appear under “Pending start” tab and each lesson start date and time will be displayed for that class.

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