Automatic payment and bank transfer

Aculearn is integrated with different payment systems for different countries. It is important for you to understand the differences in payment systems.

Gateway (PayPal, PayNow, Credit Card): You will need to sign up with payment gateway providers such as PayPal or HitPay to accept payment. Please understand the terms of these providers. With payment gateway integrated, Aculearn will be able to confirm receipt of payment and process the invoice without your intervention.

P2P (PromptPay and PayNow) and Interbank transfer: P2P payment is direct transaction between your users and you. It doesn’t involve any payment gateway and thus no transaction cost if the payment is made locally. However, Aculearn will not know if the payment has been made. Therefore, Aculearn can only notify you that invoice has been sent. You will need to check the receipt of payment manually with your bank account.

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